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Here you can find some background information.

Who's behind this whole project?

  Well. that's me, Stephanie.
I thought up this site, designed and layouted it and put some content on it etc. I just do everything every webmaster of a site has to do.
Creating the wallpapers etc. is my job, too.

The rights of the content of this site are owned by me as far as no other owners and/or sources are mentioned.
If I forgot someone it was not my intention but a mistake. Use this contact form to reach me.


How come to build up a site like this?


Everything started as I watched some of my recorded episodes of "Charmed" once again. Episode 03x04 - All Halliwell's Eve was just running.
As those two Grimlocks appeared one of them seemed very familiar to me. But I had no idea why. So I started a research, because I wanted to know which actor was behind that character. I was more than surprised that it was Michael. I already knew that he played Belthazor. Besides that I found out that Michael had even more roles in Charmed: Shax and The Source.
After I saw him as Shax I wanted to know more about Michael.
I searched the internet but couldn't find a thing. Finally I found Kelly's Charmed site, on which she had a sub-site about Michael/Belthazor. To date I didn't know Kelly but we became friends through our common interest in MBS.
At her site ( (offline at the moment)) I learned some interesting stuff. And I found a link to Michael's official site which I clicked full of expectation. Unfortunately the site didn't show up, seemed to be down.
But I didn't give up :)
Finally I found an eMail address which seemed to belong to Michael. Well, it was 2am over here and I thought "Let's give it a shot..." so I wrote some sentences, informed me about the state of the site etc. But after the Mail was sent I forgot about it, because I didn't expect a answer and definitely not from Michael in person. I even doubted that this eMail ever would get to it's destination. That's why I was extremly surprised as 20 minutes later an eMail "From: Michael Bailey Smith" arrived. I almost died ;)
That was the beginning of a great eMail-friendship which I don't want to miss for the world.
Around this time I came up with the idea of buildung up my own fan site.

Did the design change?


Yes, definitely! How lucky... :)

What you can see now is the third generation of this site.

The first design was, looking back, quite embarrassing :) That's why it vanished pretty quickly from the scene and was re-placed by a design which looked very much like the current one. After a long while I decided to jazz up the internal structure of my site by using MySQL and PHP.
So I started the restructuring. Little changes of the content/the optic complemented each other and formed the current design with which I'm very satisfied (for now ;) ). I hope you like it too? ...

Thank you's:

  Thanks to Michael that I can use infos, images etc. from his site to fill up mine.

Thanks to Kelly, my MBS buddy :) I got the very first infos and content from her site so I was able to begin with mine.

Thanks to Nikki, my contact to German Pay-TV :) Everytime a film/show with Michael is airing she's there to tape it and send it to me. She herself is a big fan of Michael as well, that's why she likes to do that for me. But still a huge "thank you" to you, Nikki!

Thanks to Dietrich Johnston, who supplies me with images and infos about his films he did with Michael :)

Thanks to my boyfriend Michael, who helped me out on my first steps with PHP and MySQL. Without you the new design would have taken a little bit longer until the final upload ;)

Thanks to all of you out there who have sites with info about Michael. I found some and took images from there. I linked back to all of you/your sites.

You can support this site as well:

  Just keep an eye open for stuff about Michael.
Let it be images, interviews, other texts etc. It doesn't matter if you find it on the net or in magazines, newspapers etc. I'm interested in everything.
Just tell me about it, send me the links, scan the articels out of the magazines or send them to me via snail mail...
The easiest way to contact me is by using this contact form . So if you have questions/suggestions etc. just write right away :)

This is not the official site of Michael Bailey Smith.
All rights of texts, images and other material used on this site are reserved to their specific owners, who are credited. If I forgot to mention you, please send me an eMail.
I'll add your credit immediately or remove the material if you wish so.
All other content of this site as well as grafics and layout are copyrighted by me. Please do not use any of my work for your own project/site without giving me credit.