Men In Black 2
     Description:  Michael plays a bad ass guy who finally gets eaten by an Alien.
The role is small but the scene should stick out :)

Enter the website of this film.

Master of Disguise
     Showtime:not known yet
     Character:Henchman # 1
     Description:  Michael plays the right hand of the bad guy played by Brent Spiner (better known as Commander Data).

Here's the website of this film where you can view some images and trailers.

[not in theatres in Germany]

     Showtime:not known yet
     Character:Willard Bechtel (Skinhead)
     Description:  A Prison Boxing Film with Wesley Snipes and Ving Rhames.

The heavyweight Champion (Rhames) has to go to jail and meets the Prison Champ (Snipes).
Michael plays one of the Gangleaders there.
Very cool :)

Here's the official site.

[this title went directly to DVD/VHS in Germany]