Fuck FaceWant to see Michael as "Fuck Face" in the movie "Monster Man"?
I can assure you he looks pretty scary!
Don't miss to check it out, but be warned...
Just click HERE if you are tough enough!

For the next six weeks Michael is in Vancouver, Canada, where the new Disney movie "SpyMate" is filmed.
Michael plays "Hugo", the right hand man to the lead bad guy, so it's like in "Master of Disguise".
But Michael said this role is a lot bigger and funnier.
I can't wait to see it!

Coca Cola Real

Coca Cola RealHave you ever seen Michael in a commercial?
Check out the Coca Cola Real spot, just click here!

Michael got a role in the upcoming movie "Monster Man". His role is named "Fuck Face"!

This is what I found out about this character on the net:
"Big and intimidating, with milky white pupils and a quilt of skin patches stitched together over his face, with scars criss-crossing all over, he looks like his jaw was ripped completely off, then wired back on again. Barely able to speak through an electronic voicebox, he is a local demon, who was horribly mutilated in a truck accident, and is now kept alive by Satanic ritual."
(Source: FilmJerk.Com)

Sounds like a funny movie!

Watch the "Extended Trailer" of Blood Shot now!

Just click here to get to the official Blood Shot Site.
It's really great, so don't miss it!

Blood Shot
Blood Shot ScreeningThe first screening of "Blood Shot" was on November 5th, 2002.
Click here to see some pictures!

Happy Birthday Michael! :)

I wish you all the best on your special day. Have lots of fun with your family and friends and may all your wishes come true.
Don't eat too much chocolate cake ;)

The S.H.U.:
Michael added a bunch of awesome pictures to his website from the set of "The S.H.U.". You can see him and Jean Claude fighting. And WOW, I can tell you it lookes cool and very intense!
Don't miss it and visit Michael's Homepage now.
You can find the photos on his credits page. Just click on the entry for "The S.H.U.".

Michael just finished filming on the new TV show "Fastlane". He has a guest role in episode 01x06.
Also he just finished a comedy pilot called "Sin City", let's cross fingers that this show will be picked up.

Michael finished filming for the new Jean Claude van Damme movie in Bulgaria.
His character is named "Valia", but he's playing another -not unimportant- part in this movie called BOO.
You want to know more? Then go and read Michael's Journal Entries at his Homepage :)

Michael's part is right at the beginning during the last opening credits. So if you want to see him at this movie you shouldn't come late! :)

Wow, Michael got a role in the next Jean Claude van Damme film!
The title of the film is "The Shu" and start of filming is at the end of July in Bulgaria.
If you wanna know more about it just visit Michael's official site!

Michael got a role in the new commercial for "Pringles".
Let's hope the spot is shown in Germany as well... :)

The baby has just arrived :) Congrats to the whole family :)

Yay, it's done! Michael's site is online!

Michael's site will be online soon.
Just a little more patience ;) But I can tell you, it's definitely worth waiting!

On March 27th Michael could be seen in a live interview on the Alex Duffy Show. You can check out the archived interview on www.alexduffy.com.
Click here to see it now :) You need RealPlayer to watch it.

Michael posted on the CBs again. He has another guest appearance on Charmed, wow :) That's really great news!
And the play he is working on at the moment turned out to be a hit. The play's run got extendet to the end of March.
His website ist still down, but he's working on that.
His wife is doing great and they are expecting their baby on the beginning of May.

Michael posted on the Charmed Boards that the online date of his new site has to be delayed for about one or two weeks.
He has lots of pictures, videos and stories to put on the site. Well, that's definitely worth waiting :)
His site will run under the theme "The Journey of an Actor".

An eMail from Michael just arrived:
"[...]Brad Kern said that the quote "death" of Belthazor is a bit premature. He said that he might come back later on in the season. However, he said that he's not for sure. But he did say that they will have me back many times if not as Bethazor and Shax, then some other demon. But Steph, in this business people say a lot of things and you can never count on what people say. If it happens, then it happens. If not, then I just have to cherish those experiences and be happy with the work that I did. It gives me comfort that I've touch the lives of so many people from just playing Bethazor and Shax. It's pretty cool.[...]"

And here's another quote from an eMail Michael sent Kelly:

"[...] Hey, I checked out the petition and it's over 800 signatures. Is that a lot? I don't know. I guess, a million would be better but I don't know. I'm surprised that they're were 800. I figured there would be like, 1 or 2 signatures. :) [...]"

Well, all I can say is that I hope Belthazor will come back!
So keep signing the petition guys!
Let's show Brad Kern how important Michael and his great job as Belthazor had become to us fans!

Petitition interim balance: 826

The Live-Chat was postponed because Michael has to work on the movie this saturday. As soon as there are news about another time and date for the chat I will let you know.

On November 17th a Live Chat with Michael will take place! Woohoo! The following messages was sent out to all members of the Charmed Boards and the Roswell Boards:
"Great news!! Michael Bailey Smith has agreed to participate in a Live Chat brought to you by MBSmith.cjb.net and Charmed Boards.com. We are overwhelmed at the fact that Michael would do this for us and are positive that it will be a great experience for lovers of Charmed and fans of Michael alike! So if you have got any questions to ask then get them written down because you just might get the chance to ask them!! So a HUGE thankyou to Michael for agreeing and I hope that in thanks for this you will advertise like crazy so that we can ensure a great turnout for the event! The live chat will take place on "Saturday November 17th" no time has yet been confirmed but we will get back to you on that as soon as we have a time for you! We are positive that "Black As Cole" set to be one of the most breathtaking episodes of this season (airing next week) will lineup a lot of questions to ask the man who plays Belthazor on the show! As he plays a big part along with Cole and the rest of the cast in that action packed episode! So jot the date down in your diary, tell all your friends and get your questions ready!!! Thanks again Michael! More details VERY soon! Matt (Charmed-Boards.com) and Kelly (MbSmith.cjb.net)"

Just visit the Charmed Boards for the latest news on that special event!

Currently Michael is working on the Dana Carvey film "Master Of Disguise". He playes the right-hand man to the lead bad guy played by Brent Spiner who was "Data" on Star Trek: TNG.
After that he'll be in a theatre play called "Doing Judy". He playes a gay cop who, in the end, has to go undercover as a Drag Queen to save his partner.
That play will open January 19th and it will run for 8 weeks at the Matrix Theatre in Hollywood.

Micheal has a small part in "Men In Black 2". He playes a character named Creepy, who gets eaten by a monster.
Watch out for that scene while watching the film :)