Long time no update.

I'm so sorry about this, really. But real life got the best of me.

Exams, work, wedding, a baby, looking for a bigger place to live... well, I guess you get the gist. :)

I have not forgotten about this site. It's just on the back burner for now. Yeah, I know, it has been for a while already. Here's hoping to get some more time soon. If only the day had a couple of more hours. ;)

- Steph :)


Hi there,

after all this time of waiting I have a lot of new stuff for you:

- I replaced the low quality "Master Of Disguise" caps with ones that look a bit better. Still not perfect though but don't worry, sooner or later I will get the ones I want for you.
I also found two still images of this movie and added them to the Gallery.
- I uploaded screencaps from two shows which now aren't missing in the Gallery any longer: "Murphy Brown" and "Family Matters". I had to capture those images from tape instead directly from TV, that's why they are a bit blurry...
- A new category found it's way into the Gallery: "Commercials, Theatre and more...".
Two Galleries have been added to this new section already: The first one contains screencaptures from a Coca Cola commercial, in the second one you can find a picture of the original cast of the theatre play "Doing Judy" where Michael had one of the lead roles.

Enjoy all the new stuff!


Happy New Year everyone!

I just uploaded 64 screencaps from the show "Grounded for Life".

Yeah, finally another sub-gallery found it's way into my collection.
And there are more to come...



Xmas and New Year Update:

I uploaded 201 new screencaps to the "Black Mask 2" Gallery.

They have been around on my harddisc since a few weeks but because of the poor quality I wanted to wait for the DVD to make some great quality caps for you.
But now I uploaded them anyway. I couldn't wait any longer to put some new stuff up on my site!

So enjoy the caps, even though it's hard sometimes to recognize what's going on in the pictures...
Better ones are on the way! The DVD will be released in the US on December 31st this year. It shouldn't take me that long to call one of them my own.
Just wait :)

I wish you a wonderful holiday season and a Happy New Year 2003!


Big, big update:

- three new Galleries:
Renegade, Fastlane & The S.H.U.
Each of course filled with tons of cool pictures;
- new pictures for the following Galleries:
Nightmare 5, MIB2 & Undisputed.
All new screencaps have DVD quality, so they are a lot better then the previous ones;
- new Original-Sounds from:
Nightmare 5 (hear Michael as Super Freddy), Fastlane, MIB2 & Undisputed;
- Gallery-Structure improved:
should be easier to brows now because of clickable page numbers etc.;

Enjoy all the new stuff!


Another update again:

- Yesterday the movie "Ice" was on TV and I made a few screencaps. 247 to be precise :)
Michael had two scenes, the first one was quite short but the second one was a fight scene. Michael's character Jimmy lost the fight because he was one of the baddies :)
But check it out on your own in the Gallery.

- Beside TV and Theater Infos for Germany there are now Details about films which come out on DVD/VHS in Germany where Michael has a role in.


It's time for a new update!

- 298 "Submerged" Screencaps found their way into the Gallery!

- Two new Interview Links have been added to the Fan Talk Section.
Michael talks about "Undisputed" at LatinoReview.com and about "The S.H.U." at TheArnoldFans.com .

- And I made a new wallpaper called "Giants" which features Belthazor and Shax from "Charmed" (my all time favorite demons :) ).



180 new screencaps of Shax from season 4 "Charmed Again, Part 1" added to the Gallery.


Gallery-Design slightly improved

tons of new images uploaded:
- 2 brandnew Galleries of "The Master Of Disguise" & "Undisputed"
- new MIB2 images
- images from the never released movie "The Fantastic Four"

new Linkpartner: Rose-McGowan.De


New images for the Gallery!
This time from "The Rockford Files: I Still Love L. A.". Michael can be seen as "Phillip Warsche".

And I created a new wallpaper out of the images of my last update. It's called "Belthazor".


56 cool new images added to the Belthazor Gallery (Season 3).
I see a new wallpaper coming... ;)


New images of MIB2 - same scene, new source.
I kept the old ones as well, because I was not quite sure if the new ones are really better or not ;)


Images of Michael's scene in "Men In Black 2" in the gallery!
The quality is not the best but this will change as soon as possible :)


New images in the Gallery!
This time from "Diagnosis: Murder". Michael plays a prison guard. 60 screencaptures are waiting for you :)

Also in the Extras section you can find a new wallpaper I just created. It's called "Thunderstorm". You'll see why...

"Charmed-Specials" category added to the Gallery :)


Once again some new images for the Gallery were added.
This time from the show "Silk Stalkings".
Just take a look :)


It's time! My new site concept is finally online. I'm very satisfied with that and I hope you like it as well. A few more features have been added which will make browsing my site easier for you. There also are more images in the Gallery and a few new links etc. But just take a look around...
Let me know what you think! :)


Two new shows are now to be found in the Gallery: "Between Brothers" and "Conan".
In "Between Brothers" Michael had an appearance in episode 01x11 - Kung Fools. It was a short scene at the beginning.
In "Conan" he was to be seen from the beginning till the end but under tons of make up ;) He played one of the beast men. I hope I got all the scenes with him right :) Unfortunately I only have that episode in German so it was not possible to identify Michael by his voice...
So, enjoy all the new images!


Another film for my collection arrived a few days ago :) This time it's "Whatever It Takes". Michael has a big role here! If you get the chance seeing that film, take it :)
I made some screencaps for the Gallery and extracted some sounds.
Speaking of sounds: They are still on the Extras-section but on an own sub-site. I redisigned the sound-list a little bit: I added pictures from the scenes the sounds were taken from.
The Charmed 3 Gallery got a bit bigger: I added a lot more Janor pictures and some new of Belthazor.
The filmography is up to date again.
Last but not least I got a new linkpartner :)
Now go and check the whole stuff out! Enjoy :)


Michael's official site is finally up and running :)
New TV dates added.


New screencaps from Michael on Charmed. In Episode 04x18 - "Bite Me" he plays the head of the Grimlocks. More about that in the Charmed-Season 4-Gallery. Two soundfiles from that episode can be found on the Extras-site.


I created two new wallpapers. One about "Space Marines", the other one about "Cyborg 3". Tell me what you think of my WPs, or do you have some wishes/suggestions about future motives? :)


Once again I got one of Michael's films. This time it's "Cyborg 3 - The Recycler". 147 screenshots are waiting for you in the gallery. And in the Extras-Section some original sounds from that film can be found.
In the News-/and Contact-Section is a link to a live interview with Michael on the Alex Duffy Show. Enjoy!


Totaly great screenshots from"Space Marines"! 268 images to be precise. Yay, I finally got that film on DVD :)
To make it a perfect update I extracted 15 original sounds from that film. It should be a known fact by now where to find those.


I managed to make some screencaps from "Babylon 5". Michael has a short scene there as G'Dok.
I also extracted the sound from that scene so you can listen to what he said. It can be found in the Extras-Section, as usual ;)


New images to the gallery added! This time from "Malcolm In The Middle", episode 03x16 - Hal Coaches. This episode hasn't been on german TV yet. Michael has a little role as coach.
I put a soundfile of that scene up at the Extras-section. Enjoy :)


I created a new wallpaper. It's called "Blood Shot" and can be found in my "Extras"-section. Enjoy, I hope you like it.


New pictures from Nash Bridges added. Michael had an appearance again in episode "Recover Me".
Four new Belthazor pix from "Black As Cole".
"The German Julian McMahoniacs" is my newest link partner. A great bilingual site around Julian McMahon.


New posting from Michael on the CBs added.
Great news: He has another guest appearance on Charmed! He didn't want to tell us anything about the episode and the character but well, what are spoilers for? ;) We'll see him back again in episode "Bite Me" as a Grimlock.


Pictures of Michael from the film "Final Voyage" added to the gallery section.


TV Zone interview with Michael, original version and German translation.
New and bigger pictures added to the Fantastic Four gallery.


New pictures of Michael from episode "Land Pirates" of the show "Nash Bridges".


Julian stays!!! It has been officially confirmed! More at www.mcmahoniacs.com or here in German :)


TV-Dates updated. Four shows/films in which Michael has a role will be shown on German TV soon :)


"Keep Julian on Charmed"-Banner added.
Just click on it to get more infos. Please sign the new petition and write as much snail mail/eMails as you can.
First they took away Belthazor from us, now they want to do the same with Cole!


New Posting from Michael at the Charmed Boards added.
News about Michael added regarding to his homepage.
Bigger Fantastic Four pictures uploaded.


A Happy New Year to all of you :)
New Page Design uploaded.
There should be no problems left with differnet screen-resolutions, because thise site is based completely on tables now.
The site is darker now as well, because I found out I prefer that :) If it's too dark now, just let me know...


New Flash Movies "Belthazor" and "Xmas Surprise" added.
Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year!


New Wallpaper "Just Blue" added.


New pictures from Michael's movies "Inside" and "Black Mask 2" added.


New Flash Movie "Belthazor's Return" made by Frédéric added.
Pictures from Michael's movies "Blood Shot" and "Best Of The Best 3" added.
New pix from Michael as Toth on Buffy.
Two new Belthazor pix from TheWB.
Michael's postings on the Charmed Boards can be viewed here now.


"Merry Christmas"-Wallpaper added.


Two X-mas eCard-Motives in Belthazor-eCard-section added.


"Flash-Movies" to Extras-section added.
First Flash "Forever" uploaded.
"news about Michael" updated.


Belthazor-Screencaps-Gallery for Season 4 added.
Belthazor-Sound added from episode 04x08 - Black As Cole.


News about the Live-Chat with Michael added.


Banner and link of the petition "Keep Belthazor On Charmed" added!
Now Michael needs all the support he can get and we can give him...


Info on the Live Chat with Michael on November 17th added.


Michael on german TV"-section added (to be found at "Thoughts | News")
Here you can check out when and where Michael will be seen on TV next time.


Yay, it's finally up and running, my site for Michael! I hope you like it.
Thanks to Kelly and Frédéric for beta testing :)

As I saw Michael the first time on Charmed as Belthazor I thought "Wow, he has something..." Little by little I found out more about him, and the whole thing got more and more interesting.
I never thought of ever get to talk to him, get in contact with him, but that's exactly what happend!
... and sometimes I still cannot believe it.
Reading his eMails and posts on the Charmed Boards everytime makes me think: "What a great guy! And I have the luck to be in contact with him. Me! Incredible..."

Once again I want to thank you, Michael, for everything! This site is for you :)