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Now the sounds have an own sub-site I decided to put some images on so you can see parts of the scenes the sounds are taken from.
Just move your mouse over the links and the pictures will show up :)

Here are some original sounds from Charmed of Michael in his different roles:

Nobody crosses me...
I had to loose Krell.
Dantalian is coming for you book. You'd better be ready.
Or deal with me!
I think he's ready to talk.
But I can!
Tell noone about the amulet. Not even your whitelighter.
Don't make me kill you.
Dammit Phoebe!
But not for long.

The End.

Yeah, but it's Halloween. When the vail between the words thin. When the demons who know how can return to seek their revenge.
Nice costume though.
We know where they went. Cole got them. But if he fails, they'll be back and they'll be in our way.

Head of the Grimlocks
Ein kleines Streitgespräch mit der Anführerin einer anderen Dämonen-Fraktion.
Vamires multiply too fast.


That's the place to find some various (and pretty cool) original sounds from other shows.

Malcolm In The Middle
This is the complete scene. It starts with Hal talking to his team. Then Michael starts yelling at his...

Babylon 5
Here you can listen to a short conversation between G'Kar and G'Dok (Michael).

Both parties meet.
The stuff seems to be okay.
They have a deal.
To not fall off of the roof he tell's where the boss is.


Here you can find original sounds from various films Michael had a part in.

Space Marines
Gunther tells the cargo ship crew that they are going to board the ship soon.
Inspection of the captured cargo.
Boarding the bridge.
Reward for killing.
It's showtime boys!
Rocket launcher.
No good news.
The radio is damaged.
Looking for the responsible person who let the hostages escape.
Reporting the escape.
Hi! The hostages were spotted and caught again.
Instructions for Gunther how to react if the embassador missbehaves.
We all are gonna die. - Naturally! - Okay.
Dammit, the trigger isn't working.
It's payback time! ... Maybe not right now.

Cyborg 3
New game...
You're not welcome!
I'm next...
He's a creator.
Sensations in my trigger fingers.
Ready to fight.
Holt das Baby zurück.
Recycle that!
We have to make a stand.
Unwelcomed visitors.
Don't worry about my hands...

Whatever It Takes
Bat Juice
More nuts!
Under control.
Nice move.
King of the ring.
Good? That was perfection!
Chemical welfare.
Your lucky day.
Let's take a ride.
Since when did you get so smart?
Payback Time.
Jack, where are you?

Super Freddy

Men In Black 2
Hey pretty lady... you taste good.

Maybe you got way too much attitude, man.
Kick your ass, motherfucker!
Slow him down, fuck him up.


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