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Here you can find links to sites, where you can discuss with other fans about Michael and with Michael.
Furthermore you can find all kind of interviews here.


Here you can directly get to the Message Board of Michael's official site.
He reads and posts there whenever he has time. You have a question for him or just want to talk to him and other fans?
Well, than his board is the perfect place for you!

Discuss everything you like in german on the forum of Charmed.De.
Michael has his own subforum there as well. Just step by and post :)

Charmed Boards used to be a great place to talk to addicted fans from all over the world. But due to some problems they were closed and deleted.
Michael used to be a member and had his own subforum there.
I saved all his postings so you can read through them here again :)
[view Michael's postings]

Here you can read Kelly's Interview mit Michael. She gave me permission to translate it into German for this site. Thanx a lot, Kelly!
Here you can read an interview from TV Zone. It's part of an interview with Julian McMahon. Thanks to Barbara for the typing.
Click here to see a scan of the interview (Thanks to Erin from Unofficial Julian for scanning it).
Here you can see an interview with Michael on the Alex Duffy Show. It takes about 30 minutes. It was live on the net on March 27th, 2002 and is now archived on Click here to see the interview now (RealPlayer needed).
6 Questions. It's not a real interview, but it's still interesting I think. I once asked Michael those questions in one of my mails.
Comics Continuum interview from May 29th, 2001. "Michael Bailey Smith in Men in Black 2"

Comics Continuum interview from May 28th, 2002. "Men In Black's Michael Bailey Smith"

Latino Review Interview. "Undisputed - Michael Bailey Smith as Skinhead"
The Arnold Fans Interview from October 9th, 2002. "TAFs’ EXCLUSIVE: NEW HERO INTERVIEW!"

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