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** Question 1 **
I found a short biografie on the internet and "Nightmare on Elm Street 5" was mentioned there as one of the films you appeared in.
But this film is not listed on the imdb for Michael Bailey Smith.
So I watched this film 'cause I have it on tape and was looking for you. Now I'm not quiet sure if I found you or not.
Either you are one of the prisoners or Super Freddy. Or am I totally wrong? :)
I'm not sure about Super Freddy. The body fits I think but the face... I'm not sure because of all that Freddy-like make-up and the scene is not that long.
After watching the film I checked the cast listing on imdb for "Nightmare 5" and the actor listed for Super Freddy is "Mike Smith I". Is that you?
For Mike Smith are some other films listed that are not listed for MBS, so that name resemblance may be a huge coincident. Or is that like a stage name?
Please tell me :)

Yes, I was in Nightmare on Elm Street 5. It was my first job ever and not knowing to much about the business and the fact that I wasn't in the union yet, I let them call me "Mike Smith." After that movie I was allowed to join the union (SAG) and that's when I established my name (Michael Bailey Smith), which is my real name. (Note: When you join SAG you have to set or pick your name that you are going to use and it can't be taken by someone else. I didn't even try to pick Mike Smith just because it's a pretty common name and I wanted to you my real name which is more unique.) Also remember, IMDB is not complete or accurate all the times. I've been making changes to the IMDB listing but haven't done all of them yet. There are a lot of credits missing. However, my new site, which should be up in about two weeks, has all and I mean all of my credits.

** Question 2 **
Uhm, what can you tell me about "The Niad"? If you have no idea what I'm talking about, please visit this site:
It sounds like an independent student project and you are mentioned there to play the main part.

Ah, "The Niad." I've have a good friend who is in film school. I've done, several of his student films already and this is his senior project. It's a big undertaking due to the complexity and depth of the film. I helped him with the script, with some of the story lines and ideas. He's a very good director and has a lot of potential. He sees me as an action hero type guy instead of just a bad guy. This is something I really appreciate because I do have a lot more to offer as an actor then just being tough. The script is pretty awesome and if it's done right, it could really boost not only his career but mine too. The main sticking point right know is the money issue. We've raised about twenty-thousand dollars but we need about thirty-thousand more. It has a lot of visual effects and they are expensive. Steve Labed, the visual effect supervisor for Charmed has offered to help, which makes it a lot less expensive.
Hey, if you know any investors... We can always take a donation! :)

** Question 3 **
When was "Litte Man On Campus" produced?
Yeah, we know about it :) Kelly found out at one of her internet researches...
It's a pretty cute film, I like it.

"Little man on Campus" was shot in December of last year. I had just gotten back from 6 weeks in Bangkok, Thailand, filming "Black Mask II" and had an audition the same day. I was severely jet lagged (20 hour flight) but auditioned anyway. Well, must of did a pretty good job because I ended up getting it. I had about a week to grow some of my hair back before filming. The director didn't want me to be completely bald. It was a fun part, where I got to play the typical "nightmare" parent who screams and yells at his kids to be great in sports. You know the type. But here is the crazy part. You know the scene where I say, "If you make any team, any team at all, I'll give you a brand new Ford Focus for your birthday." It's a close-up shot. Well, I was deathly ill during that. I guess whatever I ate in Bangkok caught up with me and hit me like a freight train. After each shot, I had to run outside and throw up. It wasn't fun. But hey, in the end it all turned out okay.

** Question 4 **
Do you have any pictures of you in your younger days?
You said you were pretty skinny... but I cannot imagine that and I think I am not the only one... :)
Maybe you could post some on the boards? That would be pretty cool to see... I would love to do that for you, too :)
So if you have any pix you would like to share, just send me.
And if you have any, may I use them for my website?

I've have some pictures of me when I was skinny on my site. I haven't scanned them in yet but when I do, I'll send you a couple. And yes, I was very skinny. After high school and before I went into the military and weighed 160lbs at 6'4". Once, in the military though, I started to lift weights and eating a lot. Plus all of the hard training of being a paratrooper helped too. So, when I got out of the Army, I weighed 230lbs. Then in college, playing football, I got up to 290lbs at about 10% body fat. Then after football, I got into bodybuilding and actually competed twice. The biggest I got was 310lbs. I had a 58 inch chest and 22 inch arms with 34 inch legs. I was pretty big. But now I weigh about 260lbs pounds at about 7 to 8 percent body fat. This is a pretty good weight for me but I might get a little bigger but not much.

** Question 5 **
Would you like to say something to all your fans, that I could put on the start page of my fan site as a little introduction?

To the fans in Germany... Well, first of all, thanks for watching the show. I really appreciate you support. Even though the makeup is difficult at times, I have a lot of fun. And it makes it all worth it when fans of the show take note and appreciate your effort in making the show better. I try to make all my characters as real and honest as possible. It's easy when you're working with actors like Julian McMahon. He's great. The producers never tell you what's coming in the future for "Belthazor" but I can say that from what I've been told, this season is going to be exciting. I did get a little heads up on the next episode that I'll be in and let me tell, "Belthazor" is finally going to be kick some butt. Thanks for everything!

** Question 6 **
I haven't seen the first new Charmed epi yet but I read some reports on your acting on the Charmed Boards.
Belthazor smiled? That must be very sweet :) Can't wait to see that.
And everyone says that Shax was killed? Is that true or will he be back again?

Yes, Shax gets quote, "killed" but you know Hollywood, he can always come back. Plus as I said before, the producers really like him and they said that he'll probably come back. Also, they're always thinking of more demons I can play. You never know...

Thanks Michael for answering my questions.

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