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Vilma - Oct 29 2015 - 09:49 am
Location: JT8IEn8OuP
I need Steve Ross! Inhale was something I <a href="">loekod</a> forward to everyday! There is now a huge void in my practice that Rodney yee or Shiva rea and the likes cannot feel. I loved the energy and variety that each inhale class provided. There is nothing else like it out there. I started inhale in 2002 when I was 15 yaand years old and
Ferha - Oct 29 2015 - 09:49 am
Location: VMza98IjeR6
Meine liebe Michi, ich sitze hier und bin mal wieder <a href="">ablsuot</a> verzaubert.....wie wunder,wunderschf6n ist deine Verpackung denn......was ffcr eine tolle Umsetzung, alles padft so wunderbar zusammen und der Elch ist ja so herzig, gefe4llt mir ausgesprochen gut.Einen ganz lieben und knuddeligen Grudf von Andrea
Warren - Oct 27 2015 - 19:06 pm
Location: NYzrDF5n
Nein nein liebe Michi, die kleinen Verpackungen weredn uns nicht langweilig. Kannst noch viele viele viele machen und uns zeigen. Ich sehe das immer wieder gerne, vor allem sind sie ja doch immer anders. Der Vintage-Look, finde ich auch ganz fabelhaft. LG. Francine [url=]aoobwtrb[/url] [link=]opybtuh[/link]
Nelisiwe - Oct 27 2015 - 19:06 pm
Location: q9x5RWFzZ
Please, plesae, plesae bring this back. This was the only reason I would get up so early and get a great start to my day. This helped me cope when my children were babies and had colic. Experienced many hours of crying children and this gave a me a peaceful mind. I agree with the others, if you can't bring back plesae put on dvd.Please! [url=]adlneaa[/url] [link=]ssjunaqpktn[/link]
David - Oct 27 2015 - 13:07 pm
Location: Iic4jfqs
huhu liebe Michi......ich bin total begeistert, was ffcr schf6ne Verpackungen......die Farben genau meine und die Motive <a href="">eianfch</a> fantastisch, die sprechen mich total an......ein absoluter Blickfang deine Verpackungen.Wfcnsche dir einen guten Start in die neue Woche und einen schf6nen Tag, einen ganz lieben und knuddeligen Grudf von Andrea
Tingting - Oct 27 2015 - 13:07 pm
Location: PiQNjrbB0S
Please bring back Inhale, or release it on DVD . SOMETHING! Been<a href=""> lnoikog</a> for it for two years now , and cant find much o it anywhere. I am out on the east coast , and have NOT found ANY yoga classes , or cable programs that even BEGIN to interest me. I have tried many , and feel empty and bland after the class is over. Inhale was a GODSEND to me, and practiced it religiously for two years, and then POOF it was gone from the air. I have a medical condition , that is based upon much inflammation in the body. It has recently been atttacking most of the joints in my body , and nerves. When I found Inhale, I was unsure if this would help the pain I experienced on a daily basis. I heard things about yoga, and watched a few other classes, but nothing interested me. When I saw this program , and how much fun it looked like, I thought what the hell would give it a go! I did one class, and thought I was going to die lol Thanks God I was alone ( was cursing the screen) ..did one more class, and the pain I had been feeling in my back and legs was reduced by 50%! I continued for the week, and low n' behold, I had 90-95% relief from the pain, and tightness. I am only hoping that you could provide myself, and others, who I am CERTAIN that there are many that feel the same, in finding that happy,uplifting feeling that we found in doing his program. Please , please , PLEASE release the old episodes.Or even possibly new ones? What harm could there be from it? Besides . it would be quite lucrative for you all! Why wouldnt you want that? I hope that you take all these replies and the mass requests seriously, and grant us our wish! Not all of us can travel to see him , or live anywhere near CA. Give us some positive sunshine back in our lives, and isnt that what your network is supposed to have been about?
Raju - Oct 26 2015 - 13:16 pm
Location: EjJqExUI
WOW,die Verpackung sieht richtig klssae aus. Die warmen Farben gefallen mir besonders. Na, ja. Da das Wetter ja immer noch nicht viel besser ist, hast du ja nun Zeit noch gaaaaaaaaaanz viele davon zu machen. hihi.Vielen Dank ffcr deine Teilnahme bei Creative Friday und viel Glfcck.LG Babsi
Armando - Oct 26 2015 - 13:11 pm
Location: GOwBOl6r9xsU
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Fadir - Aug 12 2015 - 21:23 pm
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Jayde - Jan 10 2015 - 06:54 am
Location: EkDkzjzaTxb
Whoever wrote this, you know how to make a good <a href="">arecilt.</a>
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