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Welcome on my fan site a bout Michael Bailey Smith!

Here you can find infos, images, news and more... Just take a look around.
There's a lot to learn about Michael. And I'd almost bet that everyone of you saw him on TV, you just didn't know it was him :)

 Michael to his fans   

  To the fans in Germany... Well, first of all, thanks for watching the show [Charmed]. I really appreciate your support. Even though the makeup is difficult at times, I have a lot of fun. And it makes it all worth it when fans of the show take note and appreciate your effort in making the show better. I try to make all my characters as real and honest as possible. It's easy when you're working with actors like Julian McMahon. He's great. The producers never tell you what's coming in the future for "Belthazor" but I can say that from what I've been told, this season is going to be exciting. I did get a little heads up on the next episode that I'll be in and let me tell, "Belthazor" is finally going to be kick some butt. Thanks for everything!

 TV-, Theater- & DVD/VHS (Germany)   


  No dates available.

  No dates available.
DVD/VHS Dates:

   Master of Disguise out on DVD at 08/05/2003.
   In Hell out on DVD at 11/25/2003.

 News about Michael   

  Fuck FaceWant to see Michael as "Fuck Face" in the movie "Monster Man"?
I can assure you he looks pretty scary!
Don't miss to check it out, but be warned...
Just click HERE if you are tough enough!

For the next six weeks Michael is in Vancouver, Canada, where the new Disney movie "SpyMate" is filmed.
Michael plays "Hugo", the right hand man to the lead bad guy, so it's like in "Master of Disguise".
But Michael said this role is a lot bigger and funnier.
I can't wait to see it!

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What's new here?:


Long time no update.

I'm so sorry about this, really. But real life got the best of me.

Exams, work, wedding, a baby, looking for a bigger place to live... well, I guess you get the gist. :)

I have not forgotten about this site. It's just on the back burner for now. Yeah, I know, it has been for a while already. Here's hoping to get some more time soon. If only the day had a couple of more hours. ;)

- Steph :)

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If you'd like to contact Michael you can do so either via eMail:

or via good old snail mail of course:

  Michael Bailey Smith
8117 West Manchester Avenue, #535
Playa Del Rey, CA 90293

At his official site Michael has a message board where he reads and posts, too :)

Hey, and if you are looking for the official site, just check out this :)

And now have a lot of fun,

- Stephanie :)

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